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Thank you!!!!

Thank you everyone for making my first novel such a success. To have it listed as an Editor Pick on Amazon has been a highlight to my writing career. (and I am just getting started ; )

Also thank you for the emails. I love starting out the day reading your kind words. I am so happy that you have enjoyed the book. I know it is a dark story, but it was written in love.

The majority of emails all ways end with the question "When is you next book coming out and what will it be about?"

I am currently finishing up the first rough draft of the book and the final copy should be ready this December (if not before).

As for the latter part of the question. I can only answer that even though it is not a sequel to the first book, there will be characters from Secrets in the black looking Glass as well as new ones to guide you through my spooky, little world.

Much Love,


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