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in the black looking Glass

We envy the rich, believing their lives are so much better than our own, but like all of us they have their secrets to hide. Step into the Black Looking Glass and meet the Laveau clan.  A prominent family in Charleston.  They live in the biggest house in the city.  They are the wealthiest family in the state of South Carolina and the most powerful family in all the south.  However, with all these riches, their wealth is pittance compared to their misery.  


In Secrets behind the black looking Glass, you will come to know this family.  You will meet Evan Laveau, a man living in the shadow of his dead father and who is trapped in a prison of his own creation.  His beloved step-mother, Gran Ibo who wants to see her step-son happy no matter the cost.  Dominique, his half-sister, who has embraced her heritage in order to defend her family’s future.  You will also meet Mavis Laveau, Evan’s unloved wife, who seems to be the epicenter of all the family’s tragedies.  Then there is Abagail, the daughter of Evan and Mavis, a child on the verge of womanhood and on the verge of learning everything.

After reading Secrets Behind the black looking Glass, you will agree that sometimes secrets are best left unknown.

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